Free access to the article will be closed on 01.01.2021! Both maxi and mini … Read about “How to wear maxi skirt with sneakers”. It’s important that the pencil skirt is suitable for both plus-sized and slender women. This model includes a circular skirt – a full skirt with many tucks, on a belt or an elastic band, and a «semi-circle skirt» – a model similar to the previous one, but less wide. Use this white maxi dress in blue dots for all kinds of fashion … This model combines the severity of a straight skirt and a flared bottom. In long «trumpet» skirts, the silhouette is created due to a wide flounce, panels or bias cut. For autumn maxi skirts, fabrics with a pattern are also recommended – ornaments, large check. Low sandals, a bolero and a short blazer will help create a shorter look.– short women should wear floor-length skirts with molded tops and V-necklines and heels to lengthen their figure. This style also includes the pleated dress, which is loved by many women. Despite floral prints being intended for summer and spring seasons, they re easily integrated into fall skirts 2020 fashion as smartly. Still, this doesn’t mean bermuda shorts are out of style too. Of course, this is not an everyday outfit, still it’s elegant and impressive. The longer the skirt, the more spectacular it is, it is recommended a length to the ground especially if the skirt has a high waist.